Our Parents


Mercy is our F1 sable Bernedoodle. Mercy spends most of her days with my daughter Gracie. She loves to ride on the golf cart and play dress-up. She is the sweetest, most loving best friend to our daughter. Gracie often tells us how much she and Mercy are starting to look alike. You don’t find them without each other very often. I love the “love” between those two! Weight: 35 pounds DM-clear, VWD- clear, PRA/PRD-clear


Nova is our AKC Bernese Mountain dog. She is stunningly beautiful with bright rust markings. The Bernese Mountain dog has a tricolored coat with symmetrical markings of black, rust and white. Nova is always the first one to meet any guests at our home. She loves companionship and is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. Weight: 95 lbs DM- clear, VWD- clear

Ellie is our F1 Mini Bernedoodle. She is tenderhearted and full of love. She lives in a guardian with 3 adorable little girls. Ellie has a sweet, calm, and loving personality. She is truly one of a kind. Weight: 53 pounds DM-clear, PRA/PRD-clear, VWD- clear.
Gypsy is our Petite Mini Bernedoodle. She has a gorgeous coat with vibrant colors. Gypsy has a loving, playful personality. She will be the mom of our F1B Mini Petite Bernedoodles. She and Mercy have become best friends and are inseparable. Gracie loves sharing her bed with these two sweethearts. We love the precious bond Gypsy and Mercy have. Weight: 25 pounds

Penny is our AKC Sheepdog. She is full of fun and loves everyone she meets. Her personality holds true to the breed for the comical Sheepdog temperament. She always keeps us laughing with her joyful personality. Penny is the mom of our F1 Mini Sheepadoodles. Weight: 50 pounds.

Merle is our AKC Moyen Poodle. He is sweet and loves everyone around. He has a super laid back personality and just wants to cuddle anytime someone is willing. He is a beautiful merle color. Weight: 25 pounds. DM- clear, GM2-clear, PRA/PRD-clear, VWD-clear

Ivy is our sweet F1 sable Bernedoodle. She lives in a guardian home with a sweet little boy. She has a very sweet, gentle nature to her. She loves big and is absolutely adorable. Weight: 50 pounds.

Annie is our AKC Bernese Mountain Dog. She is your typical Berner that loves lots of sleep and rest. She is sweet and kind and will make you fall in love with her blue eyes. Weight:70 pounds