Upcoming Litters

Here is what we are expecting. 

Coming Spring 2020

We are planning a litter of F1 Mini Sheepadoodles. I’m estimating them to be 25-45 pounds full grown. Our reserve list is full for spring. Taking deposits for our late fall litters.

We are also planning a litter of F1B mini Bernedoodles. I’m expecting these puppies to be tri-colored, Merle tri’s, Merle and white, and chocolate and white puppies. I’m estimating these puppies to be 25-50 pounds full grown.

F1 mini Bernedoodles early summer. I’m expecting these to be 30-50 pounds full grown.

Our Bernedoodles are $3800.00 for merles, $3500.00 for tri-colors, sables, and phantoms, $3200.00 for bi-colors, and $2800.00 for solids. 

Our Sheepadoodles are $2500.00 for black and white and $3000.00 for merles.

I reserve the right to first pick on all litters. 

Email or call me to reserve a puppy.